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Mission Statement

To encourage the teaching of Auric/Magnetic healing.
To provide support for registered members to become efficient in Auric/Magnetic Healing.
To establish ethical standards set by “Magnetic Healers UnlimitedTM” for members of the public having treatment.


All ‘Auric / Magnetic Healers’ registered with ‘Magnetic Healers Unlimited’ Must adhere to the ethics as set by the organisation as below.


Before the session commences, the Auric/Magnetic healing practitioner must give the client the “Hints on Aftercare” pamphlet. If uncomfortable, the client has the right to discontinue the session at any time. They must inform you as outlined in the pamphlet.

View "Hints on Aftercare Pamphlet" Here...

Have available:

• HDC ‘Code of Health & Disability Services Consumers’ Rights The client has right to discontinue session anytime as 7:7

• MHU ‘Hints on Aftercare’ Before session commences, give patient “Hints on Aftercare” pamphlet.

Steps 1 - 14

1. It is advised to outline the procedure to a new client.

2. Never work on anyone unless express permission has been given. This also includes ‘Absent Healing’.

3. Dress neatly and appropriately. Remember you are representing all healers.

4. Provide a clean healthy environment, such as changing linen between treatments, tissues on face down headrests.

5. Check that the client is comfortable and give feedback occasionally.

6. Encourage the patient to remain in contact with his/her general practitioner regarding scans, regular medication etc.

7. Never tell a client to discontinue medication, as this is their prescriber’s decision.

8. Do not tell the client you can cure them.

9. Do not at any time use inappropriate suggestions or touch the client intimately e.g. pelvic, breast or buttock areas. Respect the patient’s rights and feelings at all times.

10. Keep questions impersonal unless personal details are required.

11. Remember that the healing session is private to the client. Do not discuss with friends or family. Recognise the Privacy Act above the age of 16.

12. Use discretion at all times. Personal integrity reflects on other healers.

13. It is advisable to take records of each treatment and store in safe place.

14. At the close of the session, discuss healing with client, advising any aftercare and if further treatment is needed.