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Kathy Moore

Being drawn to the baby’s upset digestive system
32 years, Kathy’s helped people with her sensitive healing gift, in New Zealand and overseas. Most patients feel her hands draw negative energy or blocks from their body at the time of treatment. This can be from varying issues, re Auric shock or imbalances from various causes which can also lead to a lack of chi flow and energy of the patient. She has helped free up and stabilise many problems before they become too serious in her patients. Some can come from EMF issues, surgery, inflammation, adrenal fatigue, infection, shock, whip lash, stroke, injury. Pain, stress, emotional trauma, depression, infertility blocks, disease, chemical poisoning to name just a few. Enjoys treating pre & post-surgery patients. Seeing positive changes from medical scans after healing. Helping babies and mothers after birth trauma. Treating animals.
  • Brief History
    Brought up in Feilding, now living in Palmerston North, New Zealand. A sensitive child, my parents looked further than conventional medicine for health, here started my path towards natural healing. My first employment was working 9 years for the local power board, which as I reflect back, gave me an insight into how energy worked in that field. I married, spent 4 years in an electronics firm and then had a daughter.
  • My Healing

    1984 - I had difficulty conceiving my 2nd child, so after 4 ½ years with no success from the medical field, I went and experienced one treatment of Auric / Magnetic Healing from Colin Lambert in Waihi. He didn’t want to know why I had come, which I soon learnt was the major factor to his work. I watched him working above me in my energy field, yet felt the results in my body. With the energy block removed, I conceived one month later. 2 ½ years on I attended his training workshop, continued developing my own healing abilities, to then run teaching groups. The public started making bookings to see me, as they had heard how the treatment had helped others.

    MY ASSOCIATION WITH COLIN LAMBERT grew through this time, organising workshops for him, in the Manawatu area. With my husband’s encouragement, I then offered my administration skills to help Colin bring various healers together that he had taught over the years.

    1998 – Colin became the Founder of ‘Magnetic Healers Unlimited’ my position made as National / International Co-ordinator. We set up a data base for registered members who had trained in magnetic healing and who could, with experience, become Certificated MHU Healers. I facilitated annual MHU Seminars for members to update their skills and benefit from Colin’s involvement all weekend. Professional speakers from the complementary, medical, and scientific fields a huge draw card for members to have an opportunity to learn more and update their skills and knowledge base.

  • My Work Experience

    Electrical Power Board
    9 ½ years Typist and Administration. Learnt a lot about ‘electrical energy’

    Electronic Firm
    4 years Administration. Learnt a lot about electronics

    Medical Field
    6 ½ years as a medical receptionist, sole charge evening shift for 2 Doctors. General Practitioners, Obstetrics and Acupuncture Clinic.
    5 ½ years a veterinary nurse. I saw the benefits of complementing the medical field with energy healing, having worked in both areas.

    Auric / Magnetic Healing Clinics
    4 ½ years in Masterton, 2 years in Foxton, 13 years in Dannevirke, 32 years Palmerston North. Treated thousands of patients all ages. Now into 4th generation families.

    Teaching Energy Healing
    13 years teaching about ‘What is energy’ in a N.Z. teaching facility. 32 years teaching ‘Auric / Magnetic Healing Workshops in New Zealand. Also Australia and England.