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Clearing the front of the body Hands drawn to the spine. helping remove stomach upset.
Hands drawn to the spine. Calming pain around disk


  • To be able to combine my healing ability, helping people to recover from various traumas, using a holistic approach alongside other treatments they may be having.
  • That Auric/Magnetic healing is a powerful technique and the patient may only need the drawing out process that it offers to recover and become well again.
  • Seeing positive changes in follow up scans, X-Rays, blood tests & scientific cameras such as ‘PIP’ (Poly-contrast interference technology) after treatment.
  • That AMH is non-evasive and is complimentary to conventional medicine.
  • That I do not need to know what is wrong with a patient on arrival, as my hands are drawn like magnets to the cause of the problem in most cases.
  • How patients respect my experience and suggestions; like if I feel they need to go back to their Medical Practitioner, if the problem is serious and needs their expertise.
  • That our energy healing technique follows Hippocrates method as far back as 360BC.
  • That other professional holistic practitioners trained in their modalities will reciprocate with referrals to help the patient back to wellbeing so networking is really good.
  • We are all trained in whatever field we are skilled in and when a patient is suffering unnecessarily, I feel it is our unique techniques that need to be combined, to help make the changes needed for the patients’ total wellbeing.
  • Enjoy treating babies, teenagers, adults, and the elderly.
  • How being spiritual means I treat all cultures and religions equally.
  • Seeing a total sceptic change their mind within minutes of a treatment.
  • Noted over the years, about 98% of people ‘feel’ the healing which surprises them.
  • Many patients can tell where I am working above their body when their eyes are closed.
  • Feeling the changes under my hand’s, be it from Auric / Magnetic healing alone or the combination of other treatments, I know when a patient is on their healing path.
  • Enjoy helping a patient who has tried other modalities unsuccessfully.
  • I work full time ‘Word of Mouth’ and never needed to advertise.
  • That I only need my hands if doing a house call.
  • Enjoy treating a variety of animals using past Vet Nurse skills.
  • Being able to treat myself and all my family and pets.


to energy healing, as they know and feel from their senses exactly what a healer is doing. Non sceptical they respond with licks, purring, and many times fall asleep while I work with their owners alongside. Some vets amazed at the physical changes taken place when the original prognosis hasn’t been good.

Once when treating a 9 year old heading dog for a farmer who was told after X-rays that his dog would never work again; 2 accidents involving 2 legs, I treated his hips, legs and spine. 3 weeks recuperating, he was back working on lower hill country.

  • Auric/Magnetic Healing after surgery is very helpful for all animals as can help to remove inflammation, pain and side effects from medication as shown while treating a foal in 2011.
  • As our hands are drawn directly to the ‘source of the problem’ I was able to recognise that our old pet dog had a heart problem that needed medical intervention which surprised the Veterinary that I had picked it up early enough to be treated by them just in time with Surgery and then AMH to help with pain relief and recovery.


as many people seek me and other healers, as a last resort when all else has failed. Some people tend to think that a healer can completely heal all problems in one session; which is a gross misconception, as some ailments may have been there for many years. We, like many medical professions, cannot be expected to clear a problem in one session alone. “Several healings may be needed before their system is charged enough to affect the physical. For some people, the physical has deteriorated to such an extent that no amount of energy can stimulate it to affect a cure or even a change”. Sadly a fact most healers see when a problem/s has been left too long. If an inherited problem, we can only help relieve the symptoms.
  • Sometimes a first time visit can create apprehension on the part of the patient. This changes once they experience the pneumonia of ‘Auric Magnetic Healing’ and how the familiarity can increase their sense of wellbeing where they want to learn more.
  • The love, compassion and non-judgment that is required at all times with healing, brings some amazing results, especially when working so closely with an unbalanced energy field, ailing body and upset emotions.
  • We never claim to cure as some cases are impossible to change, but AMH is the most positive thing one can do for another, especially to see the relief they feel, in most cases for the very first time.
  • Through experience energy healing works beyond the physical, bringing peace to help people pass over, with grace and dignity. This is truly a very spiritual process.
  • The ultimate goal for me as a healer is continuing to work alongside other modalities. We are all trained in whatever field we are skilled in and when a patient is suffering unnecessarily, I feel it is our unique techniques that need to be combined, to help make the changes needed for the patients’ total wellbeing.
  • Promoting my passion, my wisdom and learnings from Colin R. Lambert.
  • Educating people about the magnetic field and energy within and around the human or animal body including all living things.
  • Viewing public testimonials from our ‘Certified MHU Practitioners, showing positive healings from their patients.
  • Referring the public to our ‘Certified MHU Practitioners and reading their positive testimonials.
  • Receiving enquiries from people that recognize their own or children’s sensitivities and want to experience a treatment and extend their healing ability.
  • Receiving emails from people who have received healing years ago from Colin Lambert or read his book and want to know more.
  • Watching a hall full of Auric / Magnetic healers, all working differently, but still using Colin’s drawing out method.
  • Watching students’ faces as they recognize they have found a problem the first time they try the method.
  • Teaching why most people complain that they have ‘no energy’ as haven’t been educated about the link to why it may be so.
  • Promoting that our technique of energy healing that is recorded 15,000 years ago in the Pyrenees paintings.
  • Educating how energy healing is known and been used as natural healing in Africa, South America, Rome, Egypt, Tibet, First Nations in America and Canada, Greece, Israel, India, and New Zealand.
  • Showing students and other modalities, including the medical field, how to use the ‘Energy Checker’ to help diagnose a problem area on the body. See Shop page.
  • Being able to help a gifted student to remain confident in what they can do to help others when faced with diversity from non-believers.
  • Lecturing at public meetings and teaching facilities.
  • That more Medical & Complementary practitioners are learning Auric/Magnetic Healing.
  • Welcoming new members to MHU for professional support.
  • Teaching our guidelines and ethics as professionals in our field of work.
  • Having the scientific field validating what we do using their sensitive equipment.
  • That there is scientific evidence that healing occurs through changes in the electromagnetic field especially after the input of ‘an energy healer’.
  • Teaching students the importance of staying grounded and how to draw on the higher vibrational frequencies so they don’t use their own energy and get tired.
  • That the Aura’s strength is dependent upon the physical health and energy reserves of independent cells forming the body.
  • Teaching we cannot be expected to heal everyone all the time and can only do our best especially if the energy field deterioration is to an extent where it cannot be stimulated.
  • To promote the modality as it causes no harm.
  • Knowing that those we teach this simple method of healing can accomplish so much when they have the commitment and perseverance to continue to do so.
  • That healing is a gift, as a singer, an artist has a gift, many healers do also.
  • Should have 3 sessions in close proximity, within 3 weeks for more severe cases, especially if all else has failed and the healer is the last visited.
  • If you have a serious illness or discomfort it is suggested having a monthly session to follow especially if suggested by the Auric/Magnetic Healer.
  • Shorter sessions may be adequate thereafter.
  • It is well to remember that it is unreasonable to expect full recovery in one session whatever therapy you try, especially if there has been a problem for many months, even years.
  • It is the same with holistic or conventional medication as it is unrealistic to stop taking tablets if the condition hasn’t changed on the first day of taking them.
  • Healing of the energy field around your body is recommended at least 2-4 times a year. This builds up your immune system through your chakras/endocrine and also clears any negative build up in your auric field.
  • We easily get affected from electromagnetic energy that affects the energy field, especially in more sensitive people. e.g. Radio waves, microwaves, infra-red radiation, fluorescent lights, ultra-violet radiation, X-rays, gamma rays, television, computers, cell phones and towers, microwaves, power lines etc.
  • We are bombarded with chemicals, pollution, pollen, sick buildings, weather changes, emotions etc.
  • This can occur after an Auric/Magnetic Healing and is quite normal as your body can be responding to a deep healing.
  • Some people can experience discomfort and slight pain which shows the treatment is working and should clear up in a few hours.
  • If you have experienced an operation or had flu symptoms, the feeling is similar. Your body is telling you to rest.
  • You should contact the healer back if it gets worse as you may need another short session to help the healing process.
  • If in any doubt contact your general practitioner.



Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling really great. I have got no stress in my life now, and it's fantastic. It has given me so much more energy now. I also had a dream and as clear as, there was a white horse and a cat in it. So that was really neat too. All areas of my life are choice, I even get up early now and do the treadmill, and am finding it so much easier to lose weight now, no stress ah. So thank you so much Kathy. It was a pleasure to meet you and I am sure we will meet again.
Love Debbie
During my recent Healing with you, I remember clearly you remarking (and having a reaction to) the comment about something going on with my digestive system. You asked if I had reflux and if I felt nauseous at all.
Thought you'd be interested to know that I've just come home (yesterday) after becoming very unwell on Wednesday last week. Partner drove me to the ED at PN Hospital on Friday morning (early) with what turned out to be a bowel obstruction. It had been 34 years since my original surgeries, so this came out of the blue. I'm now on a low-residue diet, for at least a couple of months, to give my system a bit of a rest. It has been a pretty scary few days, but we're on the better side of things now 😊
Thank you for the absent healing today. I hopped upon my massage table whilst you were doing it and a most unusual thing started to happen. I was very conscious of being slowly filled with light / energy but not from the feet up. This time it started at my head and slowly worked it's way down my body. A bit like the Rosicrucian exercise where we used to start at the toes and slowly work up to the head but this was in reverse!
Kind regards, John
Just a quick note to let you know that my left leg pain is completely gone. My leg is still there thank goodness! Many thanks for the good work you did for me.
Thanks for the time that you spent with me today. I described my session to my friend (and another potential client of yours) as a deep penetrating massage of both the muscles and the emotions. I was exhausted by the time that I left you but set off in the direction of home anyway.
You saw a great friend of mine yesterday. Today she felt better than she has in months, which is very exciting!! She has not ventured past her gate since her op- always exhausted and in pain. Today she walked to the beach a few blocks away and back. THANKYOU!!
We have enjoyed very much being with you. It was an impressive experience to watch you Kathy in healing, and I am convinced that your treatments helped my husband greatly. Many thanks and best wishes
Marg Switzerland
Thank you so much for your healing on Friday, I found it quite spiritually profound and especially enjoyed the interactive way that you work.
Hi Kathy thank you for seeing my husband on Friday. He said he is sleeping much better which is great. He is feeling really good after his treatment. I knew he would as when I came to you ten years ago I had major issues with my blood and the doctor couldn’t work out what was wrong. I was having weekly blood tests at that stage and about to be referred to a haematologist. One of my friends recommended I see you and was so glad I did. You straight away picked up that it was my blood without me saying a word and after my treatment I felt so good. My next blood test showed completely normal which my doctor could no believe and subsequent tests for the next six months were the same and have been good ever since. My doctor was very open to the treatment I had received from you and believed as I did that it had changed something. Thank you so much and am looking forward to seeing you next month for another treatment.
Diane. 29.9.2019
Afternoon Kathy. Just to say thank you so much for yesterday’s treatment I had the best sleep nodded off early evening and woke up at 6 a.m. So thanks to you I had a great sleep haven’t slept through like that for I don’t know how long. And even now my back is nowhere as sore as usual so thank you and your hands for gifting me relief from pain.
Linda 15 Sept 2019

PROBLEM INCURRED BEFORE SESSION Second attempt at double mastectomy. Original operation on 20.12.2017 could not proceed as blood pressure and heart rate fluctuated under anaesthetic. Given medication and a future date after a month.
Contacted Kathy who gave me a pre-op healing just before going to hospital for surgery and again that evening after a successful second attempt. The nursing staff could not get over how well I had come through the 3 hour operation with no signs of the effects of the anaesthetic and with such a positive outlook. You have worked wonders and have quietly impressed the medical fraternity. When I left the ward two days later they commented that I was the first cancer patient they had ever seen walk out of the ward looking a million dollars

With thanks and gratitude Lynne, Hawkes Bay
I developed Bell’s palsy back in 2013. My facial muscles were badly affected with this condition. Drinking without dribbling was not an option.
When I first went to Kathy I was very distressed about my appearance. I had a huge amount of tension in my face travelling down into my neck. Kathy very quickly relieved me from all this pressure through her fantastic healing hands. Through the aura and with hands on facial massage with some awesome healing creams. Three years on I still visit Kathy regularly to keep any pressure at bay as inevitably when I am stressed my face suffers. I hugely recommend Kathy to all my family and friends as her kind, gentle healing hands really are magical.
Sarah, Pahiatua


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