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Kathy Moore - Continued

There has in the past been a certain amount of scepticism mainly through ignorance on the subject of energy healing. The “cannot see anything being done” syndrome has caused the most doubt of gifted Healers.

  • The use of telephones, cell phones, televisions, MRI resonating image scanners etc are never questioned. Wind is energy. We can’t see it but we can see the effects of it, especially as it intensifies. The energy in and around humans, animals or plants react the same from various causes. It is these invisible energies, especially those of the human auric field that can be seen and felt by many sensitive people who tend to hide their ability in fear of reprisal.
  • I was once asked by a new patient arriving “Does it really work?” to which I answered. “I wouldn’t be doing it for over 37 years if it didn’t, as that would have to have been a total waste of my time now wouldn’t it?”.

Sometimes people will say to me ‘Well my partner doesn’t believe in this stuff’.
Other than patient testimonials and scientific proof, I know there now needs to be even more education of energy fields in the public arena and medical field, to bring a better understanding to the uneducated.
I have experienced so much over the years of my life in this field and feel that some humans seem to push aside learning about such a basic subject. It is easier to say they don’t believe instead of researching it.
If we humans and animals weren’t made up of energy, we would basically not exist. Many will comment “I have no energy” or “My energy is low today” or “The energy at work feels terrible” etc.
Most don’t even consider that they too are made up of energy and that they can become sick when it is not running at optimal levels.’
This awareness needs to be taught in the schools. There is so much more to us than our physical state.
The heart is one of the biggest energy centres within us. What comes first, the blood moving around the body or the heart beating and what makes it do that I ask?

I have a huge book in my waiting room with many testimonials, letters and thank you cards to validate happy patients who have come from all walks of life, and now I am treating the 4th generation of families.
I mainly receive gratitude via emails or texts now and that is always very humbling indeed. The best reward for me is when some medical people, and there has been a good number, and spiritually aware people who attend an ‘Auric / Magnetic’ Workshop. They often look very surprised when they too pick up a problem on a patient or animal provided on the course.

  • I ENJOY TREATING SCEPTICS even now in 2023, as it challenges me to help open their minds on the subject.
    Some find that they’re very sensitive and have been very surprised at how they feel it working. It is interesting seeing patient’s facial expressions change when they ‘feel’ something quite strong being pulled out of the offending area, especially when they hadn’t told me it was there in the first place. Sometimes it can be quite a magnetic feel by both parties and occasionally a ‘cracking noise’ can be heard upon releasing.
    Some have felt a very strong pain release. This is again caused by the unique ‘drawing out’ method we use. It can come as a shock to them when they realize at that point, that they felt this without me (The Healer) physically touching them. I too sometimes ‘feel’ the pain shoot through me as it comes out of the patient’s energy field, then out into the ethers to be released.
    Most of the Healing work is done in the Aura, a few inches/centimetres above the physical body.

    • On some occasions I have referred my patients back to the medical or holistic field if the patient needs the skills of a particular modality. I have always maintained that a patient’s health is the main priority and if more Practitioners in all these fields worked together more, people would be a lot healthier. It is not the place for ego to rein.
    • When patients are heading for surgery, once the date has been set, I will do a pre-operative healing to help their body and mind become more balanced and in turn give them more energy for the sometimes-difficult time ahead.
    • The post operative healing then helps to clear the dor build up in the body from drugs that have been used in surgery and after care. A patient’s friend or family member that has attended the healing session – can sometimes smell the anaesthetic odour being drawn out from the patient’s body. Particularly if one attending is a surgical nurse who is very familiar with the smell of anaesthetic.


SCIENTISTS’ RESEARCH has also shown that changes take place after ‘Energy Healing’.
I ran a Conference in three New Zealand Cities in 2008 with a Scientist from the UK who had received a Nobel Peace Prize for his research. Called ‘Energy Fields Exist’ The late Dr. Harry Oldfield was very impressed with the ‘Auric / Magnetic Healing’ modality that he observed for the first time in Christchurch.

  • Dr Oldfield filmed the process using his ‘Polycontrast Interference Photography,’ proving that immediate changes were occurring in and around the patient’s energy field and inner body.
  • Some people and animals can naturally see this energy field, also known as an Aura, around the outside of a living person, animals or plants and can also sense problems coming from it. It changes constantly.
  • Energy is everywhere and often you can’t see it. ‘You can’t see the wind but you can see the effects of it, which is what patients experience and feel with the effects of Auric Magnetic Healing.’ I also like to point out how we can see the effects of heat on a car bonnet or tar sealed road on a hot day. The shimmering is what some of us can see or feel coming from a human or animal receiving a healing, all is energy in its different shapes, forms and colours.


ANIMALS RESPOND WELL TO AMH as they love the feel of it. When extremely sick or been in an accident, they can respond quicker to medicaIt is well to remember that Conventional medicine is only about 200 years old.

l treatment if Energy Healing is combined alongside Veterinary treatment. I experienced this when Vet nursing, most cases showed a faster recovery rate and pain decreased.

  • Should have 3 sessions in close proximity, within 3 weeks for more severe cases, especially if all else has failed and the healer is the last visited.
  • If you have a serious illness or discomfort it is suggested having a monthly session to follow especially if suggested by the Auric/Magnetic Healer.
  • Shorter sessions may be adequate thereafter.
  • It is well to remember that it is unreasonable to expect full recovery in one session whatever therapy you try, especially if there has been a problem for many months, even years.
  • It is the same with holistic or conventional medication as it is unrealistic to stop taking tablets if the condition hasn’t changed on the first day of taking them.
  • Healing of the energy field around your body is recommended at least 2-4 times a year. This builds up your immune system through your chakras/endocrine and also clears any negative build up in your auric field.
  • We easily get affected from electromagnetic energy that affects the energy field, especially in more sensitive people. e.g. Radio waves, microwaves, infra-red radiation, fluorescent lights, ultra-violet radiation, X-rays, gamma rays, television, computers, cell phones and towers, microwaves, power lines etc.
  • We are bombarded with chemicals, pollution, pollen, sick buildings, weather changes, emotions etc.
  • This can occur after an Auric/Magnetic Healing and is quite normal as your body can be responding to a deep healing.
  • Some people can experience discomfort and slight pain which shows the treatment is working and should clear up in a few hours.
  • If you have experienced an operation or had flu symptoms, the feeling is similar. Your body is telling you to rest.
  • You should contact the healer back if it gets worse as you may need another short session to help the healing process.
  • If in any doubt contact your general practitioner.

The “Love Force” that ‘Auric / Magnetic Healers’ use is ‘Energy’, and it is the highest vibration of all.