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Problem Incurred: Feeling emotionally drained and numb from anxiety and depression. Struggling to motivate myself in tasks because of lack in energy. I also had back pains from work.

Results Of Healing: I really enjoyed the massage followed by the crystals and Auric / Magnetic Healing. The day after the energy healing Paula did say I would feel down, and she was right. Now I feel great. I’m getting up in the morning now and in 5 minutes I feel full of energy.

Charlotte - Gisborne 2017

Problem incurred: I was recommended by a family friend to Auric / Magnetic Healing to help with my migraines, back pain and frequent episodes of exhaustion due to working in an extremely busy and demanding place such as the emergency department. Adrenaline fatigue after dealing with trauma’s etc., tense muscles and pain.

Results Of Healing: I found that after the AMH treatment with Hilary my chest is less congested and I am able to breathe more easily. My whole body feels warmer and my joints feel less tight. My legs and knees feel more relaxed and less painful. After the treatment on Monday evening I didn’t cough as much until Tuesday afternoon when I did some heavy gardening too soon.

Lauren – Putaruru 2017

Problem Incurred: Was suffering from Glandular fever and emotional stress. Decided to try this form of therapy to help manage symptoms better.

Results Of Healing: I had the most amazing session with Nicolette. I had no insight into Auric Magnetic Healing and had initially wanted a massage. Nicolette’s interpersonal manner and ability to create rapport is great. She introduced herself and the techniques that she used and suggested to do a healing form that she felt was necessary. I had a tight sternum/neck prior to attending and had no clue this was related to emotional stress. My experience was relaxing and rejuvenating. Several days past my session the tightness in my chest had disappeared and I felt much better. Have booked my next appointment.

Sarah – Blenheim 2017

Problem incurred: Digestive system inflamed, nausea, diarrhoea, feeling very unwell for weeks. Sleeping a lot. Solar plexus (stomach) spinning and churning.

Results Of Healing: A general feeling of wellbeing during the sessions. The first session the feeling of pulling and lifting energy especially around liver and pancreas. This prolonged for a couple of days and I felt very tired. Over the weeks the symptoms decreased greatly and I had a better balance in my body. A state of total relaxation during the sessions assists me greatly to go through this time of change for me. I am grateful for the care and love Diane give me. She truly has an open heart.

Karin Rypma – Christchurch 2018

Problem incurred: Years of spinal pain from Scoliosis with head pulled to one side and feeling unbalanced.

Results Of Healing: After my treatment I had the best sleep, nodded off early evening and woke up at 6 a.m. The Auric Magnetic Healing relaxed me so I had a great sleep, haven’t slept through like it since I don’t know how long. Even now my back is nowhere as sore as usual so thank you and your hands for gifting me relief from pain.

Richard – Palmerston North 2019

Problem incurred: Issues with my blood, doctor can’t work out what is wrong. Having weekly blood tests and about to be referred to a haematologist.

Results Of Healing: One of my friends recommended I see Kathy for Auric Magnetic Healing as knew part of the technique was about clearing the blood. I was so glad I did as she picked up straight away that it was my blood without me saying a word and after my treatment I felt so good. My next blood test showed completely normal which my doctor could not believe and subsequent tests for the next six months were the same and have been good ever since. My doctor was very open to the treatment I had received from her and believed as I did that it had changed something.

Diane – Palmerston North 2019

Problem incurred: Chronic stress, daily headaches from morning to night for about 6 weeks. Chronic pain in my body; lower organs being squeezed to death and chest pains. Unable to concentrate. High anxiety.

Results Of Healing: After my first introductory 30 minute Auric / Magnetic Healing session with Lyn, I enjoyed a one week break from chronic pain and headaches. This experience revealed to me that this was an effective treatment for my symptoms so I returned two weeks later for a one on one session with Lyn who is so warm and welcoming and makes you feel at home. I knew I was in good hands and happy to have my aura cleansed so thoroughly. It was a joy to be there. Thank you. It was a miracle that my chronic pain, headaches, anxiety and stress levels went back to normal. Highly recommended.

Erin – Feilding 2019

Problem incurred: Had an accident to my left leg on side (100kg wood landed on it, serious injury) 4 months, pain in stomach and headaches.

Results Of Healing: My head and body felt clearer and level. I had a lot of healing on my blood. Clearing felt over my left knee where Philippa was drawn to and she didn’t know about my accident. Three days later I had a blood clot disperse just below my left knee. It’s better now. My stomach has been great with no pain. My headaches have reduced.

Sharon Joli – Christchurch 2018

Problem incurred: I was feeling quite tired due to having a lot on (house renovations on top of normal ‘life’) and not sleeping well. This resulted in a decrease in motivation levels and positivity. I was less present than normal.

Results Of Healing: After the session I felt more energetic. Generally I felt a lot happier, my mind set changed to being more positive, which I usually am. It allowed more space and reduced mind chatter so I could put back in place meditation etc., which often comes to a stop when I am feeling how I was. It made me stop and re-evaluate my priorities and how much better I am able to cope if I do focus on being present and taking time out. I am sleeping better. The session was a bit of a realignment back to where I usually am plus a step forward. I always come away from a session with Susan feeling really good about myself with a positive mind set. When I go to see her I may go with a certain thing I want to work on but she will draw out of me other factors / things that are going on that I may not realise are also affecting me. I walk away in a state of bliss with a smile on my face.

Rachel E – Palmerston North 2018

Problem incurred: Second attempt at double mastectomy. Original operation on 20 December 2017 could not proceed as blood pressure and heart rate fluctuated under anaesthetic. Given medication and a future date after a month.

Results Of Healing: Contacted Kathy who gave me a pre-op healing just before going to hospital for surgery and again that evening after a successful second attempt. The nursing staff could not get over how well I had come through the three hour operation with no signs of the effects of the anaesthetic and with such a positive outlook. When I left the ward two days later they commented that I was the first cancer patient they had ever seen walk out of the ward looking a million dollars which has quietly impressed the medical fraternity when I told them about my ‘Auric Magnetic Healing’.
I have since had another distance healing after the removal of the final drain.

Lynn – Hawkes Bay 2018

Problem incurred: Glandular Fever and Emotional trauma through a separate incident.

Results Of Healing: When my young daughter went to Kathy she was extremely low on energy after having been very ill with glandular fever. She had also been subjected to a very bad experience which had affected her emotionally and mentally. Kathy gave her the most beautiful healing experience (having never had one before she wasn’t sure what to expect). She came out of Kathy’s room like a different girl. Her brightness had come back after being down physically and mentally for quite a while.
Her energy levels continue to improve and her latest blood test results show a huge improvement in her liver function and no more signs of glandular fever. Emotionally she has picked up considerably which is just fantastic. We can’t thank Kathy enough for once again coming to the rescue for our family with her magical hands!

Jo (parent) – Dannevirke 2018

Problem incurred:I came for a healing as my Mother had passed away suddenly and I was looking for assistance with the shock and grief and the impact it had taken on my physical body.

Results Of Healing: It was a real pleasure to experience a healing with Lyn. It was the first time I had met her and she made me feel relaxed and instantly welcome in her healing room. The session was very deep. I was aware that areas of past grief came up and were lifted. As Lyn worked on my throat I felt issues come up… Lyn assisted me with the difficult sensations I was experiencing and I felt safe and totally supported throughout the process of releasing. Following the healing I felt calmer and more able to process my grief in a healthy way. My energy levels and sleep improved. I highly recommend Lyn as an Auric Magnetic Healer and am very grateful for her care and attention at a difficult time for me.

Anthony – Feilding 2019