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Invitation To Join

‘Magnetic Healers Unlimited™’ is becoming more recognised for its healing technique, in the alternative and complementary health field.

Scientific Research recognizes energy fields around all living things, and can identify chakras and meridians with special cameras.

Our group of “Magnetic Healers Unlimited” also known as MHU was set up to function as simple as possible with a set of ethics and guidelines to protect our group, members and the public. We are professional in our ideals as representatives for all holistic healers worldwide.

We welcome anyone that would like to join and train as a Practitioner. Not all members heal full time with the public. Some heal in groups or for family and friends and belong to MHU for the support of like-minded ‘magnetic healers’.

Benefits of Membership

  • World Membership
  • MHU Web Site support for Practitioners to explain how AMH works
  • MHU Web Site available to advertise certified members
  • 6 monthly Newsletters
  • Bi-annual Members only Seminars
  • Web site business cards offered
  • Practitioner Certificates
  • Professional support & fellowship
So if you feel you would enjoy being part of our growing group, contact us to receive an application form.