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From our National and International Co-ordinator.


From our National and International Co-ordinator.

I welcome YOU to our MHU blog site the purpose of this message is to inform you how Auric & Magnetic healing can support your wellbeing during these trying times.

To learn about our dedicated team of Auric / Magnetic Healers who treat humans and animals as a natural avenue for health care and IS complimentary to medical treatments. Refer to the website.

‘Energy healing’ in the auric field has been used for thousands of years in various cultures and recorded as far back as 15,000 years ago, Auric & Magnetic “AM” healing is one modality of this form of healing. The term magnet is used in that the healer is drawn to problem areas in the patient like a magnet being attracted to ferrous metal and the drawing out of unhealthy energy from the patient like a magnet.

The trained AM Healer doesn’t need to know the patient’s problem as they are drawn, to the areas in the energy field or aura around the patient, to where an energy block or blocks are present.

With a healing in person the patient lays on the healer’s “healing couch”, fully clothed as the healer connects to the aura tuning into the physical, mental, spiritual bodies and any specific they are drawn to.

Everything is energy and our experienced team use their empathy and talents to work with the vibrational frequencies that have become out of phase to the patient, to help clear and rebalance and restore on all levels where needed.

Many patients feel the healer treating them. It can be waves, heat, coolness, temporary pain, tingles, and the drawing out aspect of the treatment on an area that is a problem for the patient and without prior knowledge of the issue by the healer. 

Our AM Healers are passionate about how they can help people. Many Scientist have done research validating the effects of energy healing World Wide and is being used in hospitals overseas.

In this troubled World that we are now living in, at the moment with the isolation of people, MHU Certified Practitioners can perform healings remotely, this is called ‘Absent Healing’.  This technique is invaluable when people are unable to leave their homes and can still continue their energy healing treatment from a distance.

It is relevant at the moment with the World Wide pandemic of how Absent Healing could be of value for many people. It is not about healers taking away a virus but helping to alleviate any anxiety, pain and help balance and strengthen the immune system, to create a sense of better wellbeing which is most important.

Go to ‘PRACTITIONERS’ on our Web Page for a list of who is available in New Zealand and overseas.

‘You have nothing to lose, but potentially a lot more to gain’.