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Absent healing tips

My experience with absent healing.

In the current times of late Mar-Apr 2020 with social distancing the only option of preforming an Auric Magnetic healing unless that person is in your Bubble, is an absent healing.

In the past, a down side of an absent healing is the lack of instant Realtime feedback, effectively a conversation, between the healer and the patient, as opposed to a healing in person where both parties can communicate with each other readily.

Now with the advent of the internet and social media it is possible to have this real time conversation during the absent healing. There are many social media apps available, all you have to do is choose one that both parties can connect too.

I personally have found that with the use of social media to enable this conversation to be very effective throughout the absent healing. It has enabled the healer to gain confirmation of issues they have sensed while carrying out the healing, also the patient being able to give confirmation and receive reassurance during the healing.


MHU healer