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Experiences of a graduate healer

My experience after attending the workshops, 

"The 2 days weekend workshops in October 2019 have really transformed me and has waken me up to my calling to become a healer. 

I enjoyed the practicality of the workshops under the loving guidance of Kathy and Lyn and surrounded by those who attended with similar interest and mindset . 

The distance healing has amazed me and I've been practicing after the workshop on my family/ friends from UK, Hong Kong and other parts of NZ.    Some of them could feel the electric energy or a loving current passing through them while I was doing the distance healing and some of them had stronger sensation than others.   

I did some healing sessions on people lying in front of me and they said it, the pain was gone and it helped to speed up their recovery process. 

 I helped my teenage daughter to regulate her hormone cycle and she seems to be doing well.   

Children are every sensitive to the energy and it takes lesser time to work on them.  I worked on a 7 and 6 years old and they absolutely love the feeling of being touch inside their body like a massage but yet no touching is required. They found it very relaxing and I also managed to pick up the body parts which they felt sore and their eczema started to heal rapidly.   The 6 years old said one day he wants me to teach him so that he can help his friends and family.   

Animal healing is a bit alien to me, however it was a memorable experience treating different animals at the workshop.  Since then, I've done a distance healing on a dog from UK.

Also I'd like to say that the workshop handbooks are particularly useful and informative, I can go back to it whenever I need.  


Going forward, I'm working towards being a full time healer one day.  Thanks to Kathy and Lyn for their patience and kind guidance on my journey.

With Love n light, Carol from Auckland "