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Lou our Chief Executive

From our MHU Chief Executive

As a child I marvelled at all the ‘strange’ objects in Grandads Healing Room; whether it was the bent spoon, the pyramid with a very old egg under it or the weird and wonderful images he had placed around the room – this curiosity sparked my interest into the ‘healing realm’.  Children so easily just accept healing – it is what it is.  All I remember is when either myself or my siblings were sick we would go ‘up and see Grandad’ – go into the ‘room’ get on the couch and he would wave his hands above your body clearing away the bad stuff.

I began reading his books in my late teens and then attended one of his trainings down in Queenstown – I was freaking out when he asked me to come up to the front and ‘have a go’.  As you could imagine I was nervous, but I did ‘feel’ the energy and had that feeling we all get when we realise that WE CAN DO IT.

People often say to me ‘you are so lucky with Colin Lambert being your Grandfather’ and having the ability like him.  I always say that ANYBODY can do this – you just have to have faith/belief and give it a go.

Yes I am fortunate that I was born into this family – however this is my journey and like all of you having your own journeys to take – you are where you are supposed to be right now.

So I welcome you all to see if this healing modality sparks your interest, if you feel this is an avenue you would like to pursue further.

Check out the website, read the reviews, and if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask.

It can be overwhelming, but at the same time it is very simple.