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Colin Lambert 1987


Colin had been brought up in a very conservative Christian home, and anything which contained a word like, psychic, or Spiritual, tended to be frowned on as something which only deserved to be attached to that scaremongering word, Satan. Approximately half of his 85 years he said, were spent under the inhibiting spell of this delusion. And as I am sure you can imagine, it took a lot of time, and a great deal of effort to lift himself with all of the momentous changing in his thinking pattern which had to be made, before he could even begin to feel his feet anything like firmly on the path of enlightenment which he has so successfully followed through the second half of his existence on the Earth plane.

Colin claimed not to be a religious man, but believed the message of Jesus showed that all people have the ability to heal. He said, “It is not limited to certain people only. It is a matter of attitude rather than anything else”. “There is no religion attached, nor does the patient have to have faith in the process. It is a matter of science. Many people are taking notice and many want to learn these skills as healing ultimately comes from within”.


So the discovery some 40 years ago of this unrecognized ability to reach out his hands to one in need, and to mentally ask to be used as a channel for the ever existent Love force, God force or Healing Energy to pass though him in order to restore the cells of an ailing body to their normal vibration, was the one great realization which finally removed the last lingering doubts of man’s ability to step aside from those inhibitions. Colin then taught others to recognize their true Soul self within, to be able to do those things which the great teacher of 2,000 years ago was referring to when he said to the people, “These things shall ye do and greater things than these. Is it not written in your law, I have said, ye are Gods.”

The next most important discovery he found, validated his beliefs which came to fruition when he was asked to go to Maui, Hawaii in 1987 to lecture at a dinner in a large Hotel. He decided to invite some people to come up to his healing couch, one at a time to show them where to place their hands above the patient. One after another he saw their hands turning red, and in most cases begin to shake as they came up against the pressure created by the negative energy between their hands. That was the start of his path as healer and teacher for hundreds that came to his workshops to which he could sometimes be heard as saying, “Look at that’, “Healers Unlimited”.


“Christ trusted a universal spiritual law, the same as electricity of gravity,” said Colin. “This energy can be used by anyone who uses ‘love and light’. “It is not just a Christian gift – the healers of all the great religions and many tribes have had such skills for hundreds of years.” “Magnetic healing is part of an ancient healing tradition with the ability to tune in to the etheric energy of the auric field which surrounds the body of the patient. “With the positive energy generated by the healing hands, one can remove the ‘block in the auric body’. This then draws the corresponding cause away, replacing it with higher light vibrations, assisting the healing process.”

He would show how the energy field around his hand was interacting with the field or aura of his patient, just as the energy field around one magnet will interact with the field of another. And so the name ‘Magnetic Healing’ was born.

The many changes this recognition brought about in his life, is only superseded by the unbelievable level of memories which overflowed from his mind as he contemplated the extent of the changes which had taken place in the lives of thousands of people around the world since either reading one of the six books he has had published, viewing the one hour video tape/DVD of his work, or attending one of the many hundreds of workshops he has conducted, not just in New Zealand, but through many countries around the world during his 25 flights from Auckland City.


Colin Lambert


Colin never guaranteed a cure to all his patients but did claim to have cured numerous people of cancer. With the number of ailing people who have felt and benefited from the energy which flowed from his healing hands stretching well beyond 35,000 it was exciting for Colin to have a legacy of students following in his footsteps. He saw his teaching become a reality and felt very humble in the knowledge that he had been used as the catalyst to bring it about, especially meeting up with those that had joined Magnetic Healers Unlimited and came to the MHU Seminars for support and more learning.

In the end of the 90’s, Colin would remind his students how people were becoming increasingly disillusioned with what is commonly referred to as ‘Orthodox medicine” and the inability of the Medical profession to diagnose the real source of a problem in their patients, with long waiting lists to see a Specialist or to have an operation.

The uncertainty and stress which this brings with it becomes a sickness in itself, and they are in need of something more effective, quicker and cheaper. We have all of that within the confines of Magnetic Healing, and I urge you to make the best possible use of your newfound ability to heal your fellowman. Use it with sincerity, with integrity, and know that you are never alone.

“When we have to do with an art whose end is the saving of human life, any neglect to make ourselves masters of it becomes a crime”, said Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy.

As the Founder of “Magnetic Healers Unlimited” I am sure I could do no better than to wholeheartedly endorse those sentiments and to ask you all who can do this work, to keep them forever in the forefront of your thoughts as you carry out your healing work”.

*Healing is a state of mind.
*Healing with the hands is the outer expression of the inner belief.
*That which you will achieve will be in direct proportion to the depth of your desire to serve.
*How great the healing of the body but how much greater the healing of the soul.

The holistic approach to health has grown considerably since Colin first started his healing work and teaching. Some doctors now recognize the benefits of energy healing and other complementary or alternative practices, and are being used in various hospitals around the World.

Scientific evidence now supports the existence of energy fields, especially with instruments now fine enough to see the human energy field. It has been noted in scientific controlled experiments that on taking before and after pictures of many patients’ energy fields, that changes have taken place after being treated by energy healers.