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Energy Check

Energy Check

The ‘Energy Check’ is a finely balanced instrument designed to measure energy from many sources. It can demonstrate with extreme accuracy the energy which surrounds a pyramid. It will register a different energy when held above the palm of the left hand to that which is shown from the right, and it can be used for the divining of water, oil, the Ley lines of the planet, and many other sources of energy.

But perhaps the most interesting and arguably the most important use of this instrument is its unfailing ability to indicate to the handler the precise areas of negative energy within the aura of any living things, be it man or animal. It will go straight to the source of the problem.

Comes in a zip material case with instructions.
N.Z. $105.00 plus postage within New Zealand.

Energy Checker being used for checking the aura around a patient’s body in order to discover the exact source of a problem.

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