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In the late 1980s, using microchip technology, Harry Oldfield developed a scanner which could provide a real time, moving image of the energy field. He believed that the future of analysis lay in finding an effective scanner which can ‘see’ imbalances in the energy field rather than disease in the physical body.This system became known as Polycontrast Interference Photography or PIP

(Magnetic Healers Unlimited had the privilege in 2008 of sponsoring 3 of Dr. Oldfield’s lectures in New Zealand, in Christchurch, Palmerston North and Auckland).

Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

Beverly Rubik is a leading spokesperson for research in consciousness studies, subtle energies, and alternative and complementary medicine, frontier areas that challenge the dominant biomedical paradigm.

“I think that the universe is very deep and unfathomable, and where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. I don’t think we have all the answers. I think, perhaps, there is something more subtle that goes beyond what we currently understand as the electromagnetic aspects of life. I would certainly like to be involved in making subtle magnetic and electromagnetic measurements of both healers and healees–there’s nothing definitive in that area yet”.
“Nevertheless, I think bio electromagnetics promises to be a valuable area of further research. I think the study of low-level electromagnetic energy emanating from people’s hands or foreheads, for example, should be pursued. At the same time, we should remain open to other possibilities, and to ask new questions about subtle life energy so that we are not blinded by our faith in conventional scientific concepts”.

Valerie V.Hunt

Welcome to The online home of research scientist, author, lecturer and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at UCLA—Dr. Valerie V. Hunt.
Best known for her pioneering research in the field of bioenergy, Dr. Hunt’s visionary approach coupled with a rigorous adherence to the highest scientific standards has won her international acclaim in the fields of physiology, medicine and bioengineering. Her ground-breaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease and emotional pathologies.

Julie Motz - Energy Healer

Julie Motz was the first "energy healer" to work on a surgical patient whose dying heart was being replaced with a new one. Inside that operating room, her own experience of healing would be completely transformed and redefined. Initially invited by a young heart surgeon, she began working with patients undergoing radical lifesaving procedures. From heart surgery she went to brain surgery and soon thereafter began working with breast cancer patients undergoing surgery. As she sensed the traumas and unresolved emotions that contributed to her patients' suffering, she helped them release fear and anger to begin healing both body and soul.