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About MHU

Magnetic Healers Unlimited™ was founded by Colin Lambert in 1998, with the help of Kathy Moore, for the purpose of bringing various people together throughout New Zealand and other countries, who had learned "Magnetic Healing" from him.

Since Colin’s passing in 2006 his grand daughter Louise Lambert took on the role of Chief Executive .

The organisation is set up as non profit making, offering a support system in the following areas:

  • For those who wish to learn to help treat their families or friends.
  • For all registered healers to be entered into a data list, for members wanting contact with other Auric/Magnetic healers or healing groups in other areas.
  • To provide on-going education for members through workshops, newsletters, seminars etc.
  • To give members a link to the Chief Executive and trainers for healing or administration questions.
  • To set up a referral list for “Certified” members treating the public. 
  • To set up a referral system for the public seeking a “Certified” Auric/Magnetic Healer in a certain area.



Testimonials & Case studies from Clients -
After six months registration & learning, testimonials of successful healings sent to MHU for certification.

Bi-Annual Registration Updates -
Members must have an update of testimonials every two years to remain Certified Practitioner Healers.

Referrals for the Public -
A referral system for members of the public who need the assistance of a 'Certified' healer in their area.

A Six-monthly Newsletter -
For members to help contribute articles, sharing healing experiences, book reviews, and general information.

A Bi-Annual Members only National Seminar since 1998 -
For members to update their skills and become more efficient in a professional manner for working with the public. To learn from guest speakers representing both the medical and holistic fields of latest advancements. Optional for members to attend and is self - funded.

A Web Site -
For Practitioners to direct patients to, to explain how AMH works.
To continue to promote Colin Lambert’s books, C.D’s and energy checks and promote any Members' services and products relating to Auric/Magnetic Healing.
Members to have direct access to the members’ blog for fellowship and support.


Paramedic Teaching CPR Awareness

Microscope Viewing of Crystal Slides from Professional Speaker

'Blushield' RE EMF Protection Display Public Open Day

Suzi Brown Glass – Palmerston North Public Open Day

Rough Country Minerals - Public Open Day