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How It Works?

An Auric / Magnetic Healer (AMH) does not need to know where the organs are as they work on the higher frequency energy which supersedes the physical limitation.

“The first thing an Auric / Magnetic Healer should remember is that in most cases he/she will have no idea what is wrong with the patient, and therefore in which part of the body to expect to find the problem.

Unlike some practitioners who would begin by asking the patient what was wrong etc, an AMH will ask them not to tell them anything until they have worked on the problem or finished the session. That is to make sure that nothing was missed in the body which may have some bearing on the creation of the pain and general condition of the patient.”

An AMH is able to recognise areas of injury and trauma within the field as their hands are drawn to these areas.

They draw out the blocks, inflammation and trauma treating the patient with their own electromagnetic field and channelling of energy with their hands. The healer then flicks off the ‘dross’ or negative energy to help clear the block and help change the vibrations to effect healing

The Auric / Magnetic Healer is taught to clear:

The Blood First

Colin taught how he discovered that many patients had some negative substance contained in their blood which needed to be removed. This could he said, be due to a malfunctioning liver which was not cleansing the blood in the way in which it was designed to do, from a disorder in the female reproductive organs, or even a buildup of poison or drug of some kind which had been prescribed by the medical profession.”

Colin Lambert Located The Problem 1987
Colin Lambert locating the problem 1987
4 Colin Drawing It Out 1987

Working in the magnetic energy field just above the body and beginning at the patient’s feet, with their hands a few inches above the body, he taught the healer to slowly move their hands up to the heart. The healer clears the dross or poison that could be in the arteries. He/she does this until they feel their hand run smoothly along the whole area without any resistance to its movement. Only then will the healer move over to the left leg and repeat the process. Once the blood is cleared the healer will move onto the rest of the body.

Next the body

The healer will move on to a different frequency and move his/her hands up the body again, to look for other negative energy above the leg again. working up both legs, through the entire body, in their energy field. Once their patient’s front has been worked on, they turn over to have their back healed.

For some the healer’s hands will stop over an area where both turn simultaneously, as if to scoop something up. Sometimes the hands will move fast and draw upwards to clear the block. This is then removed from the energy field and consequently from the body. A rather peaceful process for the patient, but when the healers hands come up against ‘something’ the hands may go red, may shake, appear difficult to move and cannot be brought together until the ‘blockage’ has been removed.

When something is wrong in the body, it may manifest as a group of cells that has become ‘out of phase’, or negative as opposed to positive. The healer’s aim is to use the “love or God force energy” to change those cells back into being positive or get them back into phase so the body is at ease again. The healer returns to the area each time until it has changed and resistance cannot be felt anymore. This method is used until the whole body feels totally at ease for the healer and the patient.

Auric / Magnetic Healing can help to:

  • Reduce pain, stress, pre & post operative trauma.
  • Heal wounds & broken bones in half the time.
  • Alleviate infertility, dizziness, tiredness.
  • Deal with Disease, Medical conditions, disorders, accidents, grief, and emotional traumas.
  • Enhance immune efficiency.
  • Balance & energise the energy field.

In other words, return the cells of the body back to their correct frequency of vibrations.

A magnetic healer sees the physical body as a billion, billion living cells which go to make up that body. If every living cell in the body is in perfect working order, then there will be no negative areas reflected in the energy field, therefore no resistance to the flow of the hand over the body. (Quote: Colin R. Lambert)

Many Auric Fields are damaged by:
  • Emotions, depression, grief, feeling powerless
  • An accident, shock
  • Negativity from others
  • Pollution, sick buildings
  • Chemicals, drugs
  • Food & drink
  • Sound
  • Other electromagnetic energy:-
  • Radiowaves, microwaves, infra-red radiation, UV radiation,
  • X-rays, Gamma rays, Television, computers, cell phones,
  • Fluorescent lights, electrical machines, powerlines etc.

Auric / Magnetic healing can help to clear the build up of this dross, by releasing it and then repairing areas of the aura affected. 
Sometimes the healer will also need to seal any leaks, rents or tears that have been causing fatigue of either the physical, emotional and mental layers.
During an illness, strengthened energy fields heal physical illness and can be combined with all other health care being used. This helps the patient to return to full health using all levels of healing.

Magnetic Healing is beneficial for all people ages, from babies to the elderly and can benefit animals of all ages as well.


Absent Healing

Students at workshop, practicing ‘Absent Healing’ and writing up case studies for patients.

The Auric / Magnetic Healer can, with consent of the patient, give them absent healing from a distance. 
The ethics of MHU is ‘never work on anyone unless express permission has been given by the one being treated’ which all members uphold. 
Auric/Magnetic healers are taught how to start the session, to then use maybe a written letter, or the person’s name, address and sometimes a photo. The healer will ask for that one to be placed on the couch in front of them, the session usually will be documented and closed down at the end.
Contact by email, fax or phone may be offered as confirmation of where the healer was drawn to work without prior knowledge of the problem. Any followed up sessions may be suggested if needed.

How Does It Work?
How Does It Work

Auric / Magnetic healing is about working with the electromagnetic energy which surrounds every living thing, and the interaction between those energies. When a healer places his/her hand over a body and turns their computer mind to the desired frequency of transmission of energy, then that energy interacts with the energy surrounding the patient. If you can imagine the patient’s body is like a radio station putting out a frequency, from a distance, a healer, with developed sensitivity, picks up and works with it. It doesn’t matter how far away the patient is, as vibrations travel a great distance. The name and address of the person is enough, or a photo or a letter written by them is an added advantage, as they too hold the person’s vibration for the Auric/Magnetic healer to place on their couch.

When someone requests healing either by writing or speaking on the telephone, that one has put out on to the ethers a vibration which does not just stay with them, but becomes part of the “all that is” which surrounds the planet. If there should happen to be two Mary Jones’s in the same area, then one of them will have put out this thought pattern to the ethers, and the other will not have done so. Therefore there will only be one request for healing out there, so that is the one that the healer’s computer mind will be tuning into. The advantage of having the full address too, means the healer can connect totally to the correct person, as many people have the same name.

Permission Needed at all times

The ethics of MHU is ‘never work on anyone unless express permission has been given by the one being treated’ which all members uphold. The patient receiving magnetic healing from a distance can usually ‘feel’ just a much as if having a one on one session in the practitioner’s clinic. For these sensations to be picked up without prior knowledge of the healing being done, could be very unsettling for the recipient, therefore this policy is upheld.

In New Zealand, the law is for all modalities working in the health profession to receive parents/guardians permission for treating those under 16 years of age.

Follow-up Healings

A miracle cannot always be expected in one session and a lot of healing may be needed before one notices a difference, therefore the healer may recommend having a follow up healing. For a more serious condition, three healings in a row are important.

Prevention is better than Cure.

For general well being it is recommended to have at least 2-4 Auric/Magnetic healings a year to boost the immune system, free the body of a build up of toxins and balance the energy field.

MHU Hints on 'Client Aftercare Handout'


If uncomfortable, you as the client, have the right to discontinue the session at any time. Please inform the healer immediately so that she/he can take the appropriate action to close the session down. i.e. 7.7 N.Z Code of Health & Disability Services Consumers Rights.

1. Remember that the healing may continue for several days, therefore you may continue to feel subtle movements in your body. Some clients have reported changes occurring for up to a week. Some may have immediate relief, some feel tired, some energised

2. It is wise to not partake in any other therapies during this time, (e.g. at least 3 days) as it can upset the healing process. It may put your body system into shock and make you feel unwell.

3. With a more serious condition, ongoing Auric / Magnetic healing is important and should be continued at least once a week, until it has cleared. If more serious contact your local medical centre.

4. Each healing can be quite different as the healer works through each layer of the aura clearing and restoring. Ongoing healing or checkups in the future do help to keep all systems balanced and functioning to their full potential. This can vary from weekly, monthly or 6 monthly, depending on how well you heal and stay so and on advice from the practitioner.

5. Always drink plenty of water after a healing (this flushes toxins released during the healing, from the body).

6. Do not engage in any strenuous activity immediately afterwards, e.g. running, aerobics etc

7. As the healing accelerates the healing process, you may feel intensified pain for a short time, this is normal and a temporary condition. If feeling quite unwell for the 1st day or so, this is called a “HEALING CRISIS” and should settle down after adequate rest.

8. Please ring the MHU Practitioner should you have any after-effects that concern you