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“Earth Mysteries” – Colin Wilson (Panther, 1979) No ISBN
The Russian monk, mystic, and confidante of the Russian Royal family, Grigori Rasputin, was a magnetic healer. Magnetic healers may very well take a somewhat more physical approach to the subject than other healers. When they have discovered where the trouble is, which will of course include a discussion with the patient, they will carry out healing with their hands in much the same way as others, although every magnetic healer has his own technique.
“Hands of Light” & “Light Emerging” – Barbara Brennan – ISBN 0 553 34539-7 Healing Manual

Was a Research Scientist for Nassa, now Energy Healer, Teacher, Founder & Director of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, East Hampton, New York.
(abridged from recent interview)
Question: So, you use your own body’s energy to heal the human energy field?
Answer: I use my energy field by clearing and balancing it, bringing energy in through all my chakras, then running it out my hands. So, it’s not just my energy, it’s energy I take in. That’s why it’s called channeling healing energy. Your body acts as a transformer during the healing, and the regulation of the energy through your field is important. You can change the frequency of the energy out of your hands, change where it goes, you can make it very specific to rebuild certain structures. You can even rebuild the energy fields of organs that have been removed from the body, reducing the requirement for medication

“Hands of Life” Author Julie Motz ISBN 0553379259

Use your Body’s Own Energy Medicine for Healing. Recovery and Transformation.
As one of the first non-traditional healers allowed to work in an operating room. Julie Motz harnesses the body’s own energy to help patients survive risky operations, such as heart transplants and cancer surgery. Now she shares remarkable case studies of healing, recovery, and transformation and gives readers step by step guidance on accessing one’s own innate healing energy.

“Infinite Mind”. Dr Valerie V.Hunt - Scientific Researcher ISBN 0 9643988-1-8

Accredited with 25 years of electronic field research & clinical studies of the human energy field.
She holds advanced degrees in psychology & physiological science from Columbia University. Professor at Columbia University, Iowa and California. Lectures at Scientific Conferences.

“Mind to Mind” – Betty Shine, Energy Healer UK. ISBN 0552133787

Healing is the most wonderful form of complementary medicine.
Human beings are first and foremost energy beings. When the energy system breaks down or is blocked in any way, related parts of the body cease to vibrate with life force, and this creates ill-health in the physical system. The ideal situation, which I would like to see much more often, is when doctors and healers can work hand in hand. Healing works just as well with animals as with humans – if not better, since they don’t put up any barriers. They accept the energy and then usually go to sleep, often remaining flat out for the rest of the day. A period of rest and quiet is an essential part of the healing process.

“The Mystique of Healing” – Bob Bloomfield, UK 1984. ISBN 0284 98705 0

The human body and the human psyche are so much more advanced than electro-mechanical devices like television and telephones that even remotely to compete with the computer potential of the human brain, scientists would have to build a machine a thousand times bigger than any computer available today.

“Vibrational Medicine” Dr. Richard Gerber ISBN 1-879181-58-4

“The suggestion here is that the subtle life-energies of healers seem to have primarily magnetic properties.” He also says – “that through the instrument of their hands, the healer transfers these magnetic-like energies primarily to the physical body and it’s closely connected energetic template, the etheric body.

Anatomy of the Spirit

The 7 Stages of Power & Healing – Caroline Myss, Ph.D ISBN 0-73380033 5

Healing Miracles Using Your Body Energies

William A. McCarey, M.D.
ISBN 0-06-250588-2

The Womens Book of Healing

Diane Stein
ISBN 0-87542-759-6

Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can

Caroline Myss, Ph.D
ISBN 0-73380-203-6