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Hints on Aftercare

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1. Remember that the healing may continue for several days, therefore you may continue to feel subtle movements in your body. Some clients have reported changes occurring for up to a week. Some may have immediate relief, some feel tired, some energised.

2. It is wise to not partake in any other therapies during this time, (e.g. at least 3 days) as it can upset the healing process.
It may put your body system into shock and make you feel unwell.

3. With a more serious condition, ongoing Auric / Magnetic healing is important and should be continued at least once a week, until it has cleared.
If more serious contact your local medical centre.

4. Each healing can be quite different as the healer works through each layer of the aura clearing and restoring. Ongoing healing or checkups in the future do help to keep all systems balanced and functioning to their full potential. This can vary from weekly, monthly or 6 monthly, depending on how well you heal and stay so and on advice from the practitioner.

5. Always drink plenty of water after a healing (this flushes toxins released during the healing, from the body).

6. Do not engage in any strenuous activity immediately afterwards, e.g. running, aerobics etc.

7. As the healing accelerates the healing process, you may feel intensified pain for a short time, this is normal and a temporary condition. If feeling quite unwell for the 1st day or so, this is called a “HEALING CRISIS” and should settle down after adequate rest.

8. Please ring me should you have any after-effects that concern you.


If uncomfortable, you as the client, have the right to discontinue the session at any time. Please inform the healer immediately so that she/he can take the appropriate action to close the session down.
e.g. 7.7 N.Z. Code of Health & Disability Services Consumers Rights.
Every consumer has the right to refuse services and to withdraw consent to services