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2 CD’s of original tape recordings taken from 1992 to 2005
of Colin R. Lambert on local Radio talkback, Seminars and a phone interview.
Educational, uplifting, sometimes humourous, his dedication to teaching
Magnetic Healing is a delight to listen to.

NZ $30.00 for 2 CD.set Postage additional.
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Energy Checks

heal-checker-tools                          heal-checker

Used for checking the energy around a patient’s body
in order to discover the exact source of a problem.



Books written by Colin Lambert

Read and enjoy!

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When Colin's fifth book Healers Unlimited, was published in March 2000, he did not expect that five years later in 2005, a sixth book would come rolling off his pen.

Yet he should have been aware of this is he had just remembered back to the day many years ago while on one of his lecturing and teaching tours to Brisbane, Australia, a medium gave him a personal message from his guide. She simply said "You will write six books before this particular incarnation on the Earth-plane comes to an end."
Obviously, even then, someone was aware that as he approached his 86th year in this body, there would still be a wealth of experience in healing and teaching, many others, which would need to be passed on to anyone with an open enough mind to make the effort to seek within the pages of this book.

While the knowledge that his healing hands have brought new health to well over 30,000 ailing people since he first began to use them in this way around forty years ago, and has also brought an incredibly high level of satisfaction, the fact that he will be leaving behind him, all over New Zealand, and in several countries around the world, many of his students who are now following in his footsteps and reaching out their hands to those in need, is beyond his ability to express im mere words.
Read for yourself some of the short extracts from just a few of the many letters and cards he has received from some of them, and you will thrill to the endless joy they bring with them.


The All That Is

NZ $25.00
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Kathy Moore
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You Too Can Heal & Healers Unlimited

Book 4 & Book 5
NZ $25


You Too Can Heal
Lean to Heal with Colin

One Hour Video
NZ $20

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You Too Can Heal

One Hour DVD
NZ $25

Why, Here's Why and Magnetic Healing and Other Realities books
are out of print and now available on CD. (read only)

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NZ $20

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Here's Why

NZ $20

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Magnetic Healing and Other Realities

Book on CD
NZ $20 

To order and for international pricing - booksMHU@actrix.co.nz

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