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Member Services

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Welcome to Our Member's Services and Products Page

This is for our MHU members who don’t have a Website so they can promote their unique services
and products that aline to energy work and Auric/Magnetic Healing.

Presently we have no Members Services listed on this page 

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Healing Groups

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‘Magnetic Healers Unlimited™’ do not endorse any claims by Registered/Certified Members of Magnetic Healers Unlimited in respect to the claim of curing patients by the method of Auric / Magnetic Healing.


New Zealand Auric / Magnetic Healing Groups

Palmerston North

Lyn Pollock & Ken Ward

Phone 06 323 7468 
Mobile 027 406 7750 Lyn
Mobile 027 232 2048 Ken 
Email auricmagnetichealing@gmail.com

Theosophical Hall
304 Church Street
Palmerston North

• 7.30 - 9.00pm 
• 2nd Monday of each month except January

New Zealand


Philippa Murray

Mobile 027 457 5405

Email philippamurray48@yahoo.co.uk


Teacher Contacts

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Kathy Moore

30 years experience 

for more information on

Kathy refer to page

about-mhu/ kathy-moore

Kathy Moore 06 3549317
or kathyauric@actrix.co.nz

Lyn Pollock 06 3237468
or auricmagnetichealing@gmail.com

A form can be emailed or posted to you
with details of venue etc.

3 Lyn close up  Ken

Lyn Pollock         Ken Ward

19 years healing experiance

Auric / Magnetic Healing Teachers







For more details view:  UPCOMING WORKSHOPS

 Extra workshops can be run depending on demand.

We welcome your interest in organising a Workshop in any area
of New Zealand and overseas depending on numbers.



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Multiple sclerosis (diagnosed 2005): Symptoms in the past included extreme fatigue, cognitive problems, muscle, nerve and joint pains, bladder problems, eye ball pain, weakness in one leg, balance problems, slurred speech, falling, and numbness. Current symptoms reduced to some numbness in toe, slight weakness in one leg and some memory problems.


I’ve had Auric / Magnetic Healing with Kathy on a monthly basis for about 8 years now. It’s made a huge improvement in my symptoms and quality of life to help lead a healthy lifestyle. From experience I know that after about one month I benefit from a repeat session as it does reduce my residual symptoms and keeps me fine-tuned where I feel my focus and strength is better and fatigue kept at bay. I therefore don't often get to the drained feeling stage which can happen to me if the regular treatment is not kept up. When I have travelled overseas for extended periods of time, I have not missed out on the healing technique because I can have absent healing also where I always feel the benefits afterwards.

Peter – Palmerston North 2014


I was recommended by a family friend to Auric / Magnetic Healing to help with my migraines, back pain and frequent episodes of exhaustion due to working in an extremely busy and demanding place such as the emergency department. Adrenaline fatigue after dealing with trauma’s etc., tense muscles and pain.


I have been going monthly for a number of years now as a way to recharge my batteries and have some relaxation time. I have found that AMH increases my energy and rebalances and calms my head space which gets cluttered with life/work stressors. I also have massage to help relieve tense muscles to help relax my back that often causes pain and combining this with the healing work, the AMH practitioner always gets drawn to the right sport to work on. After a healing, I feel lighter and have improved energy, which starts the following day, after a sleep. It is important for me that I have a quiet period after the healing, with no work rostered to allow my body to recharge and let the energy healing do its job. I have two children (12 and 10) who both have auric/magnetic healing twice a year, or more if needed. Both children love their healing appointments, and I find their moods are more balanced and they feel better for it. I have even used AMH for pain relief for when my daughter broke her arm, with great effect

Mary – Registered Nurse – Palmerston North 2014


Pony been chronically lame for 18 months. Vet had X-rayed April 2013 no real conclusion reached by him. Vet advised shoes and raising heels. Tried various treatments. Sometimes improve then regress. Seemed depressed. Suspected stone bruise. Obviously in pain as very sulky and started throwing her head around. Had to have a lot of rest.


The hoof abscesses are a very positive sign that major healing has occurred and now a better hoof angle to carry on from. Very foolish behaviour the day after her first full body magnetic healing with Joanne and I really do believe the healing added hugely to the effect because all the horses and Diva were going loopy with energy the next day. I have never seen Diva act like that in the 18 months I have had her, I have never had this intense reaction. She lives in a herd of barefoot horses so they are much more sensitive, so they must have sensed her positive energy change also. She is moving much more freely now, trotting on the spot, walking and really stretching out her leg.

Hilary – Napier 2013


In hospital – lung operation. Shortness of breath, tight upper chest and pain coughing up of blood. Diagnosed advanced adenocarcinoma (lung cancer) Bottom lobe of left lung removed with golf ball size cancer growth. Informed upper chest wall, rest of lung had multiple pin head size cancer growths, given 10 months to live. C.T. scan and blood tests, told had an incurable disease, so chemotherapy to start in 2-3 weeks but examination of scan no sign of cancer, blood tests and further scan in 3 months showed clear. Lung had a little fluid on it, then started treatment with AMH.


Doctor surprised to see scans showed lung was clear of fluid and in colour as they used to be black. Blood tests all clear. The doctor said “I’m not saying miracles happen, but whatever it is that you are doing, keep doing it and you should see a few more birthdays yet, cause things are looking good”. As a patient I have nothing but praise for Ingrid and Auric / Magnetic Healing. I’m supposed to be dead, I am still walking, my lungs haven’t felt this good in years and to this day I have not had any chemotherapy.

Dennis – New Plymouth 2013


Diabetes problems. When I first went for healing, I was very unwell with an ulcer on my leg, had very bad circulation and arthritis.


I have treatment once a month to which it has been of a great benefit to my health. I look forward to my treatment as ‘feel’ it working and drawing out my pain and discomfort. I get so much relief.

Cynthia – Palmerston North 17/1/2010


A Broken hip / neck of femur, resulting from a fall on the pavement. Surgery to repair with a plate and screw. Very painful so had magnetic healer come and treat me in hospital after surgery.


Cleansed blood from anaesthetic, worked on wound, which resulted in a faster healing inside so less pain tablets needed. Had a follow up session to help the healing process, which I noticed the difference.

Adele – Levin 10/3/2009


Infertility. Prior to seeing the Auric / Magnetic Healer, my husband and I had not been using any contraceptive and were open to having children. For just over a year, with no success of a pregnancy.


2 months following the healing session, I had fallen pregnant. It has been 5 years since then and we have been blessed with 3 strong beautiful children in that time.

Kathleen – Palmerston North 2009


MS – Multiple Sclerosis problems, especially with balance and mobility


Noticed I felt more stable and better in myself. Head now feels as though it belongs to my body.

Bernadette – Feilding 30/10/09


IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome for over 5 years. Waking daily with pain and discomfort across lower back, cramps, bloating and diarrhoea.


After the healing I experienced a healing crisis with pain and discomfort in the areas mentioned above with cramping in my right ovary which had been blocked. I felt extremely tired, went to bed early. Next morning I woke with no pain, my stomach felt normal with very little discomfort in the month since my session. This is the most well I have felt in years.

Stacey – visitor from Australia 2/7/2008


Infertility: Difficulty getting pregnant


Traumatized ovaries completely healed. I was already pregnant when returned for check up in second session and healer noticed.

Anna – Hawkes Bay 24/7/2005


Stiff and aching jaw. Couldn’t open jaw very far. Constantly aching.


Instant relief. First session I noticed alleviation of pain and stiffness. Second session all pain gone an jaw back to normal.

Suzie – Auckland 1/7/05


Chron’s Disease – bad circulation in legs which created pain, back pain, kidney infection. Abscess making it hard to walk.


Pain in legs and back completely gone. Kidney infection fixed. Pain and inflammation from abscess gone. Feeling of good health. Doctor very surprised.

Michelle – Hamilton 1/6/05


Shoulder and neck pain for 9 ½ years. Couldn’t put my arm above my head in full stretch or put behind my back. Kidney stones – I was on morphine and NSAIDS for the pain.


No longer have kidney stones. X-ray confirmed. Can put my arm above head, behind my back. No longer require pain medication.

Diane – Blenheim 1/3/05


Lymphatic congestion. Swelling under right arm, breast tenderness, aches and pain in limbs. Temporary pins & needles in right arm/hand first thing in morning. Tiredness, out of balance.


Could feel energy flowing again. Major healing crisis for 2/3 days after. 2nd session: Symptoms beginning to disappear. Felt lighter, clearer, more energetic. Balance and wellbeing increased. Most powerful healing I have experienced. Very professional.

Jo – Nelson 10/2/04


Ankle broken through growth plate. Operated and pinned 5th December. Plastered to be totally non weight bearing for 6 weeks. Sought healing 2 ½ weeks later, as heard it could shorten healing time.


Felt a lot of tingling, almost painful. Sore that night, next morning felt great. No need for Panadol, Ibrufen anyone. Had a fall, returned to hospital for check. Plaster removed, X-Rayed. Surgeon seemed really surprised, thought the break had taken place mid-November as ankle was totally healed and no need for a replacement plaster. Healed in ½ the time – Physiotherapist impressed.

Andrea – Dannevirke 23/12/03