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2013: Patient feeling tension in
upper stomach clearing

  • Freedom to treat patients in most environments e.g. their homes, hospitals, and rest homes when they ask – it is so easy, I only need my hands!
  • Being able to work with conventional medicine.
  • That AMH is non-evasive.
  • To help a patient who has tried other modalities unsuccessfully.
  • Not asking the patient where the problem is and finding it within minutes.
  • Treat from babies, teenagers, adults, the elderly, and all cultures.
  • Both genders come for treatment as more accepted now.
  • Treating families and extended family travelling in on the same day.
  • Treating a variety of animals.
  • Seeing a total sceptic change their mind within minutes of a treatment.
  • That about 98% of people ‘feel’ the energy healing which surprises them.
  • Seeing positive changes in follow up scans, X-Rays, blood tests after treatment.
  • ‘Feeling and seeing’ the positive changes in my patients, in follow up treatments.
  • Infertility problems - hearing back how women have conceived after 1-2 MH treatments.
  • Most patients see and feel physical changes after treatment re urine colour change, bowels loosened, sinus’s freed, lungs improved, headaches freed, blood pressure drop, sight better, pain reduced or gone.
  • Using ‘Absent Healing’ for a patient that lives in another country
  • Using ‘Absent Healing’ for a patient travelling overseas that emails or texts for help when fallen ill. Their sceptical family or friend seeing the positive difference within a few minutes or hours after AMH.
  • Receiving ‘Absent Healing’ reports back from new patients stating that areas I was drawn to treat, with no prior knowledge of their problems were correct.
  • Knowing when to suggest that a patient needs to check back with G.P, Specialist, or other health professional to complete or continue their healing on all levels.


2011: Kathy healing a foal after

ANIMALS RESPOND WELL to energy healing, as they know and feel from their senses exactly what a healer is doing. Non sceptic they respond with licks, purring, and sometimes sleeping while I work with their owners alongside. Some vets amazed at the physical changes taken place when the original prognosis hasn’t been good. Once when treating a 9 year old heading dog for a farmer who was told after X-rays that his dog would never work again; 2 accidents involving 2 legs, I treated his hips, legs and spine. 3 weeks recuperating, he was back working on lower hill country.

AMH after surgery is very helpful for all animals as can help to remove inflammation, pain and side effects from medication as shown while treating a foal last year. As our hands are drawn directly to the ‘source of the problem’ I was able to recognise that our old pet dog had a heart problem that needed medical intervention which surprised the Veterinary that I had picked it up early enough to be treated by them just in time with Surgery and then AMH to help with pain relief and recovery.

HEALING CARRIES A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY, as many people seek me and other healers, as a last resort when all else has failed. Some people tend to think that a healer can completely heal all problems in one session; which is a gross misconception, as some ailments may have been there for many years. We, like many medical professions, cannot be expected to clear a problem in one session alone. “Several healings may be needed before their system is charged enough to affect the physical. For some people, the physical has deteriorated to such an extent that no amount of energy can stimulate it to affect a cure or even a change”. Sadly a fact most healers see when a problem/s has been left too long. If an inherited problem, we can only help relieve the symptoms.

►The love, compassion and non-judgment that is required at all times with healing, brings some amazing results though, especially when working so closely with an unbalanced energy field, ailing body and upset emotions.

►We never claim to cure as some cases are impossible, but MH is the most positive thing one can do for another, especially to see the relief they feel, in most cases for the very first time, without the negative side effects of drugs.

►Through experience I have seen how energy healing works beyond the physical, bringing peace to help people pass over, with grace and dignity.

►The ultimate goal for me as a healer is to work alongside other modalities. We are all trained in whatever field we are skilled in and when a patient is suffering unnecessarily, I feel it is our unique techniques that need to be combined, to help make the changes needed for the patient. It is good to see that at last it is being understood that way with many people now in the Western World.


  • Viewing hundreds of public testimonials, showing positive healings, from our ‘Certified MHU Practitioners’.
  • Referring the public to our talented and most caring, magnetic healers of MHU.
  • Receiving enquiries from people that recognize their own or children’s sensitivities and healing ability.
  • Receiving enquires via MHU Web Site and sell Colin’s popular books while they are still available.
  • Watching a hall full of magnetic healers, all working differently, but still using Colin’s drawing out method.


  • Teaching the younger generation and more interested male students now.
  • Submissive dog – Kathy watching student healing sore hind leg.
  • Watching students’ faces as they recognize they have found a problem the first time they try the method.
  • Showing students and other modalities, including the medical field, how to use the ‘Energy Checker’ to help diagnose a problem area on the body.
  • Being able to help a gifted student to remain confident in what they can do to help others when faced with diversity from other non believers.
  • Sharing my experiences in person, at public meetings, teaching facilities, emails, letters & phone calls.
  • That more Medical & Complementary practitioners are also learning AMH.
  • Teaching our guidelines and ethics as professionals in our field of work.
  • Having the scientific field validating what we do using sensitive equipment.
  • Welcoming new members to MHU and hearing from the public about the difference these healers have made to their health after an AMH treatment.
  • Working with other professional ‘Certified MHU Practitioners’ and Teachers and having a treatment myself.
  • Knowing that those we teach this simple method of healing can accomplish all of above when they have the commitment and perseverance to do so.